Heidelberg Materials - Tourah Cement S.A.E

Heidelberg Materials - Tourah Cement S.A.E, Egypt’s first cement company, was established in 1927. Besides licensing the oldest clay quarry in Egypt, Heidelberg Materials - Tourah Cement S.A.E was also the first to use the dry cement production method and modernize its lines through the use of wet kilns to reduce bypass dust.
In June 2006, Tourah Cement received the API quality certification for producing oil well cement.

In cooperation with other local and foreign cement companies, Tourah Cement has invested its long and rich experience in establishing advanced centers for administrative and technical training on an area of 10,000 m². The programs were specially designed to cater to the needs of the cement industry. Moreover, these centers became an international meeting point for workers within the cement industry..

Tourah Plant

Tourah Portland Cement Company was established in 1927 and started its production in 1929. It consists of 9 production lines, 2 of which operate in an area spanning of 10,000,000 m² in the Tourah district of Southern Cairo.

Types of cement produced in Tourah plant: 

  • CEM II A/P 42.5 N (According to Norms EN 197-1/2011 and ES 4756-1/2022)

Tourah Plant

Heidelberg Materials - Tourah Cement S.A.E Corniche El-Nil Helwan Road
269 Cairo


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