Safe Work, Healthy Life

Occupational health and safety have top priority at Heidelberg Materials and are an integral part of our key corporate values. Our declared aim is to achieve “zero harm”. With effective preventative measures, we intend to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries as well as the risk of occupational illness. Our principles for protecting the workforce are specified in our corporate policy regarding occupational health and safety.

We focus on building a corporate culture based on employee-orientation and partnership to achieve long-term success for the company. Heidelberg Materials ensures that all employees and contractors are well-trained to ensure that all safety polices, emergency preparedness, risk assessment, and safety procedures are enforced.

We believe that injuries, occupational illnesses, and work-related health complaints are avoidable. That’s why we continuously strive to minimize the risks for our employees, contractors, and third parties and to achieve our goal of “zero harm”, which we reiterated in our Sustainability Commitments 2030. 

As part of our Group guideline on occupational health and safety, we have defined a set of cardinal rulesthat are mandatory for all employees and contractors. They relate in particular to those activities that have been identified as main accident black spots. They are therefore also addressed in specific Group standards and must be translated into local regulations. Through intensive training measures, we ensure that everyone involved remains acutely aware of these risk areas, in order to decrease the number of accidents.

Safety and Digitalization

SAFEAPP: As part of Heidelberg Materials Egypt approach to digital transformation and maximizing work safety, Heidelberg Materials in Egypt have created SAFEAPP, an application for reporting near hit or unsafe condition for all the blue-collar workers and non-computer users. SAFEAPP aims to facilitate the reporting procedure and automizing workflows, resulting in a proactive approach towards mitigating unsafe conditions in order to avoid an injury to our employees and contractors.

Quick Safety Guide: Heidelberg Materials Egypt plants now utilize QR codes for quick safety guides to assure the workers' awareness and commitment to safety codes and procedures. The QR codes can be found on plant equipment's such as cement mills, clay crushers, coolers, kilns and much more. This provides workers with instant access through any smart phone to important safety guides for quick refreshers on-ground to ensure that correct protocol is followed and to avoid any possible injuries.

Safety Achievements

We are proud to be the first plant in the AMWA zone to have received the ISO 45001:2018 Certification for occupational health and safety management systems, without any non-conformity in line.

With the aim of achieving our goal of "zero harm", Heidelberg Materials closely monitors injury cases in all its plants. It is with great pride that we managed to achieve record time without any Lost Time Injury for both employees and contractors. Lost Time Injury are injuries that prevents employees from completing regularly assigned job duties for a minimum of one shift or one full workday.


Years without Lost Time Injury

Date of Record

Head Office


August 2023

Helwan Plant


June 2023

Suez Plant


June 2023

Kattameya Plant


February 2023