Sulphate Resistant Cement

CEM IV/A (P) 42.5 SR

Sulphate-resistant cement is recommended for use in concrete exposed to large sulphate levels. It is the result of crushing clinker and gypsum to fulfill the requirements of the standard specifications the ES 4756-1/2022 and EN 197-1/2011. The cement’s sulphate resistance is due to its low tri-calcium aluminate (C3A) content..


It is produced according to Egyptian standards ES 4756/1-2022 and complies with European specifications EN 197/1-2011.

Physical characteristics: 

Cement Standard Specifications Limits

Initial setting time (min) ≥60
Soundness (expansion) mm ≤10
Compressive strength 2D (Mpa) ≥10
Compressive strength 28D (Mpa) ≥42.5

Chemical Characteristics:

Cement Standard Specifications Limits

Sulphate (SO3)  ≤ 3 %
Chloride content (CL-)  ≤ 0.1 %

Target Market:

  • Ready mix companies
  • General contractors
  • Precast companies


  • Concrete works subjected to aggressive soils or ground water and where high sulphate exposure is expected. It is also suitable for foundation work.
  • Sewage works
  • Precast sewage water pipe and manholes

Available in:

  • Pack type 50 kg Bag, Big Bag
  • Bulk


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