Heidelberg Materials - Helwan Cement S.A.E

Established in 1929, HCC was the second cement producer to enter the Egyptian market. 

Helwan Plant

The Helwan cement plant was established in 1929 It is located 30 Km south of Cairo on an area of 1.000.000 m² with 10 production lines (8 in operation).


The plant currently produces the following types of cement:


  • CEM I 42.5 N (According to Norms EN 197-1/2011 and ES 4756-1/2022) 
  • CEM II A/P 42.5 N (According to Norms EN 197-1/2011 and ES 4756-1/2022)  
  • MC 22.5 X (According to Norms ES 8498-1/2022 and EN 413-1/2011)


In the Helwan plant, there are currently 2 dry lines and 6 wet lines (2 in operation) for grey cement. The two dry lines were inaugurated in 1985 and 1987. Each of the lines was initially designed to yield a maximum of 4200 tons of cement per day but was later upgraded to yield 5500 tons. The plant has also transformed its operations to decrease dust emissions during the manufacturing process.

Helwan Plant

Helwan Cement Kafr Elw
16 Cairo


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