Heidelberg Materials Egypt unveils its new brand in a ceremony held at the Kattameya Plant

Heidelberg Materials Egypt, the leading group in the Egyptian building and construction materials sector market, unveiled its new brand in a huge celebration, in the presence of a large number of customers and a number of employees from various departments, to be in line with the new identity of the parent group in Germany, which confirms its connection to the new global brand and best conveys its focus on offering a wide range of products and services to its customers.
The celebration, which was held yesterday evening at the Katameya plant, witnessed a large attendance, to participate in this important event, where Ambassador, Yasser Al-Naggar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Heidelberg Materials Egypt, and Mr. Mohamed Hegazy, Executive Managing Director of Heidelberg Materials, presented the group’s vision and its pioneering role in the path towards carbon neutrality and digitalization in the building and construction materials industry in Egypt

Yasser El-Naggar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Heidelberg Materials Egypt, stressed the group’s endeavor to provide many services and products without being limited to cement production.  The initiative to change the brand in Egypt after launching it in the head-quarter’s country in Germany, reflects the prestigious position and distinguished performance that we have in Egypt, in addition to confidence in the Egyptian market and confirmation of the consecutive and continuous successes that are tangible and clear in the market recently.

In the same context, Mohamed Hegazy, Managing Director of Heidelberg Materials Egypt, confirmed that the decision to launch the brand came with the aim of creating harmony at the group level, as we have unlimited potential and strengths after we combined 100 years of local experience with 150 years of global experience at the company.  Heidelberg Materials’ global profile will help strengthen the group's position as a member of an international group with strong values and a focus on quality and innovation.  Our products will be classified as Egyptian products with German quality.

Mohamed Taha, the Commercial Director at Heidelberg Materials Egypt, added: “Our customers have always been at the forefront of our concerns, and the new branding indicates that we would like to get closer to our customers and share our decisions with them as they are partners in success.  Although the legal name of the group has changed, we have been keen to merge our three brand names, and you will find that our cement bags still bear the names of Tora, Suez and Helwan without change in order to maintain the trust of our customers considering that these trade names occupy a prominent position throughout a long history in the Egyptian market”


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